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shared_wisdom's Journal

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Welcome to shared_wisdom. This is a community that explores writing and everything that accompanies it.

Every day:

Writer members are welcome to post about specific problems they are experiencing for brainstorming purposes.
Also, anyone who wants to try a new type of fiction, or would like to set new writing goals can ask for suggestions.

Membership to this community is open to Adults Only. You must be 18 to be a member of the community.

All discussion threads may be open or friends-locked: if a member feels the need to flock to the community sensitive material, they may do so. This may include our speakers, so if you don't want to miss any topics, it is suggested you join the community as a member as well as friending it.

Treat fellow members with respect. Absolutely no flaming. Differences of opinion are to be discussed in a civilized manner.

NO pimp posts here that are not first approved by the mods. Anything that isn't cleared with us will be deleted.

Our speakers are all extraordinary people we enjoy bringing here to share. Here are links to a few recent ones.

Speaker Twenty-Eight: James Buchanan: Ramblings on the Craft of Writing.
Speaker Twenty-Nine: Elisa Rolle: Why women read Gay Romance and men “apparently” don’t?.
Speaker Thirty: Alex Beecroft: The Wisdom of Recklessness.
Speaker Thirty-One: Sedonia Guillone: Writing from the Heart: my journey to a series.
Speaker Thirty-Two: Dreamspinner Press: A Publisher's Perspective.
Speaker Thirty-Three: Jeanne Barrack: Where did I hide that great idea?
Speaker Thirty-Four: Andrew Grey: Adding Realism.
Speaker Thirty-Five: Paul Richmond: Uncovered.
Speaker Thirty-Six: ZA Maxfield: Is it soup yet?
Speaker Thirty-Seven: Syd Mcginley: Do you write what you know? Are you like your characters?
Speaker Thirty-Eight: Anne Cain: Some shared thoughts on illustrating.
Speaker Thirty-Nine: Kim Dare: Who do you write for?
Speaker Forty: Willa Okati: Diversity.
Speaker Forty-One: Kris Jacen of MLR: Turn an editor on, turn an editor off.
Speaker Forty-Two: Lex Sez: just be real.

If you have a suggestion for a speaker for shared_wisdom, you may offer it here or PM the maintainers of this community.

If you have a topic suggestion for the community, submit it here.

We have chosen to affiliate with tamingthemuse, a writer's prompt community and graphicsluts, an art community for the betterment of on line artists.

Credits: Thanks to ohfreckle for the banners and customization of the layout by cartonage.